Thursday, July 21, 2005

Working hard while the brain is soft

I slept all day. My sleep is so messed up that I consider any 8 hours a good thing. I like to work as soon as I crawl out of bed because that lingering state keeps my inner critic silent, so I did, and got another scene done for my short story. Nothing for my novel, still, and I suspect there won't be until I finish this short story. Ironic that I'm writing a story that takes place mostly in the winter while it's summer now. Then again, the story was conceived in the winter and even I can only procrastinate so long.
I've got some critiques to do for my Critters workshop. I'm supposed to get 3, one of each genre, but it seems I set things wrong and got 2 SF. Now I have to get them off the web page. *sigh*