Friday, August 12, 2005

The trouble starts

I've added two new links to other blogs. For some reason I can't figure out, Blogger added white space. They aren't seperate from the other links; all links are equally valid.

Light and Shadow

My cat, Shadow, just got over a cold she'd had. She hadn't been eating and spent most of her time under our bed, so we were all worried about her. Then yesterday, she came out from under the bed and chased my daughter, ate her food (the cat's, not my daughters), and caused her usual trouble. By night, she had her energy back. We are all very relieved.
She is, though, rather thin. Like most cat owner's, we probably feed her more than she needs to eat. As a result, she was a bit more round in the middle than cats should be. Now, after three or four days of reduced appetite, she's as skinny as when we first got her and as light as a feather. She's healthy, and I'm happy.