Sunday, September 18, 2005

What would happen if I were to boil some Poison Ivy leaves, and drink it like tea.?

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From: (Larry Preuss) - Find messages by this author
Date: 1996/11/07
Subject: Re: Poison Ivy Tea for Cancer?
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(M.D.B.) wrote:
> On 7 Nov 1996 04:52:17 -0500, (Wolfenhnd) wrote:

> >In article , 'Edward F. Gunsch'
> > writes:

> >>A friend, who has lung cancer was prescribed Poison Ivy Tea by a local
> >>doctor.

> >Which doctor? Or should I say: Witch doctor? I thought MY medical
> >doctor was being radical when he recommended CoQ-10 as a daily
> >suppliment...

> I would imagine that the reactive oils present in poison ivy would
> leach out into the water while your friend was making the tea. I
> shudder to think what would happen when those oils made contact with
> the sensitive tissues in his throat.

> Mark 'i'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV' Bland.

The poison ivy oil (urushiol) wouldn't cause trouble in his throat, as a
combining of that oil and the outer layer of the skin is necessary to form
a complete antigen (allergen). He's likely to have trouble, however, when
the oil hits his anus.

Larry Preuss"

Thank you, Larry Preuss, for that sage advice.