Monday, November 07, 2005

NaNoWriMo 2005: Day 7

Yesterday was awful. The stupid fucker my landlord calls a handyman (the guy doesn't even know which way to turn a wrench) spent another weekend not finishing my bathroom. Why he puts up with this shit is beyond me. That's how my day started - getting up at 9am to wait for a guy who never showed up.
In the afternoon, we went to visit my grandfather for a late lunch. I love him dearly, but every time he has us over for a meal, it's the same crappy pizza from the worst pizza restaurant in town. I'll give the place marks for consistancy though - they've been fucking up pizza for over 20 years.
I took my laptop with me to do a little work, but I shouldn't have bothered. My mother was there, so I spent the entire time making sure she wasn't harassing my kids.
To top everything off, my blood pressure is up. I've switched from my usual green tea to tension tamer in order to combat it, but it's not working yet.
I started the morning off with some writing. For once, there's no sex.
And my word count meter is busted. Time to find one I can host myself.