Sunday, February 05, 2006

G.L.O.W. Diary 11

Monday, Week 3, March 1983

I was very pleased with the attendance at the Mayan Theater - 475
asses in seats.

California Vine gives a promo as if she were California Doll.
California Vine is developing better performance skills.[C+]
Beastie defeated California Doll in 3:20 by DQ when California Vine
attacked Beastie.
California Doll and Beastie don't seem to click, and it made for an
awkward bout.[C-]
Penny Banner challenges Tammy Jones to a Cage Match against her
client, Mountain Fiji.[C-]
Mountain Fiji defeated Tammy Jones in 4:58 by pinfall with a Splash.[C-]
Don Coss tells the crowd that Jackie has an important announcement...
"That's right, Coss", Jackie Stallone addresses with pride, "I am
proud to announce that we have a new Champion: Mountain Fiji. Fiji
overcame the impossible by winning that title, and we would like to
congratulate her accomplishment."[C-]
The show was another success.[C-]


Tuesday, Week 3, March 1983

I started the meeting without Kelly. I was annoyed and would have to fine her like I promised, but I wasn't going to keep the others waiting.

Palestina's absence left a whole in the roster and I had to reorganize. I was about to end the meeting when Beastie spoke up.

"Hey, aren't you missing a storyline?"

Indeed I had. With Tammy leaving, there was nothing written for Emily. I had forgotten all about that. Beastie had something prepared and it included some others as well, so I approved. It would be expensive, but sounded like it would pay off in the end.

Finally, Kelly strolled in at the end of the meeting and I took her aside.

"Ah, Kelly, I have good news and bad news."

"I'm getting fined, ain't I."

"Yep. The good news is that I'm booking you in the next show."

"With Attache - er, I mean, Vampira?"

"No, I'm saving that for later."

"She's going on a winning streak?"

"Yes, and you're ending it."

"Oh, cool!"

"Instead, it will be you and Bambi."

"Okay then. See you Monday."

I called Bambi later and told her the show had been changed to include her.

"Thanks! I didn't want to say anything, but I was starting to get annoyed."


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