Sunday, February 05, 2006

G.L.O.W. Diary 12

Monday, Week 4, March 1983

At the last minute, Matilda reminded me of her contract stipulation that gave her a title match. Grudgingly, I put her and Emily in the pre-show. If nothing else, it would get the crowd on their feet.

We had 383 people in attendance at the Mayan Theater.

Mountain Fiji defeated Matilda the Hun in 3:13 by pinfall with a Splash. Mountain Fiji retains the G.L.O.W. title.[C-]
Vampira defeated Scarlett in 2:46 by submission with a Vampira's Caress.
Scarlett is improving in Rumble skills.[D]
Corporal Kelly defeated Bambi in 2:50 by pinfall while using the ropes for leverage.[D]
Jackie Stallone welcomes Sally the Farmer's Daughter to the announcer table, where Sally will be a special guest announcer for the next match.
Sally the Farmer's Daughter is developing better performance skills.[C]
Debbie Dancer defeated Ebony in 2:35 by pinfall when Don Coss interfered.
Debbie was off her game and the girls looked lost.[E]
Debbie Dancer and Don Coss celebrate their accomplishment in the ring.[C-]
After the match, Jackie Stallone and Sally the Farmer's Daughter begin their post match discussion. Out of nowhere, Sally the Farmer's Daughter begins insulting the work of Debbie Dancer - calling her an insult to professional wrestlers everywhere.
Sally the Farmer's Daughter is developing better performance skills.[C-]
Jackie Stallone calls out Mountain Fiji for an interview. In it, the two discuss recent events, which leads to Fiji cracking a joke at the expense of Beastie. The two share a laugh amongst themselves.[C]
Debbie's match really hurt the show.[D]


Tuesday, Week 4, March 1983

Jackie wanted to talk to me before the meeting.

"The Mayan Theater is too expensive, Joel. We don't even fill half of it and it costs us $1000 each week. We need to cut spending."

"Okay, fine. There's only one place suitable for us then - the Hollywood-Los Feliz JCC."

"Also, don't forget our hour long shows starting in May."

Crud. She just told me to cut costs, then told me I'd have to use twice as many people. Maybe there was a way out.

"Jackie, we don't have a PPV carrier anymore. I'm not sure it will be affordable to have a large event without it."

"You're right. I'll see what I can do about that."

There was something else nagging me, but I couldn't put my finger on it.


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