Sunday, February 05, 2006

G.L.O.W. Diary 14

Thursday, Week 1, April 1983

Beastie wanted a raise. She was expensive enough already, but I had no choice.

Monday, Week 2, April 1983

We had 218 people in attendance at Hollywood-Los Feliz JCC.

Vampira defeated Sally the Farmer's Daughter in 3:21 by submission with a Vampira's Caress.[D]
Amidst a chaotic in-ring scene, Debbie Dancer and Sally the Farmer's Daughter finally come face to face on opposite sides of the ring. They both pause, psyche themselves up, and charge. The ring gets flooded by numerous other wrestlers, and the two are pulled away before they can make contact by Mountain Fiji, Little Fiji, California Doll, Beastie, Spike and Corporal Kelly.[E]
The Fijis cut a promo hyping themselves. Penny Banner helped Fiji during this segment.[C]
Beastie comes out and delivers a seething promo directed at the Fijis. After rehashing recent events between them, Beastie promises the world that she will get revenge against them.[C-]
The Fijis defeated Corporal Kelly and Spike in 7:57 when Mountain Fiji defeated Corporal Kelly by pinfall with a Powerslam. The Fijis win the G.L.O.W. Tag Team titles.
All the girls were tired by the end, especially Spike.[C-]
Having just picked up the victory, the Fijis go out into the crowd to celebrate with their people.[C-]
The show was okay.[D]


Tuesday, Week 2, April 1983

It was brought up at the meeting that things were getting rough backstage. But there was nothing I could do - it was just too costly to have 4 guys making $1600 each per show. And it was too late now anyway.

I wanted to continue the heat between Doll and Vine, so I put them in a "best of seven" series of matches. Not very creative, but it was too soon to change Vine's gimmick again.

The two remaining tag teams - Tina and Ashley, and Scarlett and Tara - asked if I was going to have them battling for the tag belts soon. I told them that wasn't possible at the time, but I'd have something for them to be involved in starting next week.


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