Monday, February 06, 2006

G.L.O.W. Diary 16

Monday, Week 4, April 1983

We had 210 people at Hollywood-Los Feliz JCC. I think we're getting more popular.

Debbie Dancer appears and says that she accepts the challenge laid down by Sally the Farmer's Daughter, she'll face her in a match.
Don Coss helped Debbie during this segment.[C]
Sally the Farmer's Daughter had an interview hyping her upcoming singles match with Debbie Dancer.[C-]
Debbie Dancer drew with Sally the Farmer's Daughter in 2:50 following a double count out. These girls always look lost in the ring together.[D]
Beastie gives a heartfelt promo in which she sincerely apologizes to the fans.[C]
California Doll defeated Vine in 2:36 by pinfall with a Small Package.[C-]
In the ring, Beastie invites Little Fiji to join her from the back. As Lil Fiji makes her way down the aisle, Beastie repeatedly thanks the crowd for allowing her the opportunity to speak.
When Lil Fiji enters the ring, Beastie goes into a lengthy apology for her recent actions. Beastie sincerly wishes to make it up to not only Lil Fiji, but also the fans.
Lil Fiji slowly takes the microphone and announces that she will have to think about it.[C-]
The Southern Belles defeated The Beverly Hills Girls in 2:31 when Tara defeated Tina Ferrari by pinfall with a handful of tights.[D]
Don Coss addressed the crowd, telling them that Beastie was turning a new leaf.[D]
With our increased popularity, the fans have a higher demand, and we didn't reach it.[C-]


Tuesday, Week 4, April 1983

I wasn't really happy about the matches between Debbie and Sally. I used my contacts - who were still speaking to me, thank God - and made some phone calls.

I was beginning to feel limited by the current roster. I'd have to see about finding undiscovered talent soon.


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