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G.L.O.W. Diary 17

Friday, Week 4, April 1983

My casting call had been answered in spades. Even a few big names showed up, but when I told them how much I could pay, they promptly left.

I had Penny put the others through try outs and tell me what she thought of their skills.

Vicki Williams - Very pretty and strong in mat skills, average on the mic. She had a wholesome look, a sweet personality, and comic books were popular, so I had her try a superhero act.
Princess Victoria - She wasn't very good at anything except performance, but she was dirt cheap. I had her drop the "Princess" - we already had an Indian - and play the underdog.
Beverly Shade - I really didn't expect to get someone this good so cheap. She was almost a solid replacement for Dee Booher, lacking mostly the size. And only a fifth of the cost!
Tracy Richards - Multi-talented but only average on the mic.
Toni Rose - Another multi-talented worker, I made her a French version of Corporal Kelly, Caporal Carrie. I decided right then to put them in an anti-American tag team.
Madusa Micelli - Needed more work in the ring, but charismatic. I had a hunch that teaming her with Vampira might pay off. I'd have to come up with a storyline for that, though.
Lady Maxine - An entertaining and imposing hard-hitter, she wanted to be a manager instead of a wrestler. This might pose a problem, but she was willing to work the occasional match, so it worked out.
Joyce Grable - Another mat worker and quite entertaining, and she could even train others. I thought she might make a good foil for Vicki Williams, as they had worked as a tag team before.
Desiree Peterson - The third mat worker, she could also train others.

Of course, now I had to make some painful roster cuts. The first to go would have to be Tina, Tara, and Ashley. And, though she was cheap, there was no reason to keep Scarlett. I called them each individually and told them the bad news. To their credit, they were all professional with one exception. Tara made an offer that wouldn't have helped us be taken more seriously.

Saturday, Week 4, April 1983

Some more girls showed up and I had Penny rate them. I hired Misty Blue Simmes on the spot. She was yet another mat worker and trainer. I decided to team her with Desiree, and have them do Americana's bit. Americana herself, well, there wasn't much reason to keep her.

Wendi Richter and I couldn't agree on money.

Sunday, Week 4, April 1983

Wendi and I talked some more, but no luck. I also trimmed the roster further. Although they were cheap, I had to get rid of the girls who were just going to complain about never being used.

Ebony - She accused me of being racist. The thing is, she was just plain awful in the ring and the audience used her interview time to get refreshments.
Olympia - She had a great look and was very strong, but wasn't capable of improving in her weak areas outside the ring.
Amy - She was lousy both in and out of the ring, and wanted too much money as well.
Spanish Red - Although she was fluent in both English and Spanish, the crowd just never appreciated her. In the ring she was almost tolerable, but she wasn't going to improve.

Monday, Week 1, May 1983

Wendi Richter and I finally hammered out a deal. She had charm and mat skills, so it was worth it. And I still managed to get her cheap.

I had to make some last minute booking to fill the gap left by the two tag teams I fired, but I knew just the thing.


192 people were in attendance at the Hollywood-Los Feliz JCC.

Vampira defeated Bambi in 2:37 by submission with Vampira's Caress. Bambi could use something to freshen her character up.[D]
Little Fiji is shown backstage, where officials have just found her bloody and unconscious, the apparent victim of a sneak attack. Paramedics appear to stretcher her out.[D]
Sally the Farmer's Daughter comes out to the podium for an interview. She states that she will never give up the trail in chasing down Debbie Dancer.
"I've proven I can beat you, Debbie Dancer. It's just a matter of time before I beat you again. I'll get what's mine, or I'll die trying."[C-]
The announcers put over the fact that we'll be seeing Debbie Dancer take on Sally the Farmer's Daughter.[D]
California Doll defeated Vine in 2:50 by pinfall with a Small Package.[C-]
Corporal Kelly and Caporal Carrie are in the ring, with the American flag. They go to set it on fire as a way to rile her up before their big match, but Mount Fiji comes running down to stop them, and cleans house.[C-]
Mountain Fiji defeated Caporal Carrie in 2:35 when Caporal Carrie was disqualified when Corporal Kelly ran in and attacked Mountain Fiji. Mountain Fiji makes defence number 2 of her G.L.O.W. title.[C-]
The show was a success.[C-]

Tuesday, Week 1, May 1983

Quickly getting to business, I told Bambi she needed a new gimmick, and she said she had just the thing. Sunglasses. I didn't get it at first, but then she wrapped a towel around her waist. Beach babe.
There was talk about the missing people, but when the old girls saw the new ones, they got the idea. We were getting serious.


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