Tuesday, February 07, 2006

G.L.O.W. Diary 18

Monday, Week 2, May 1983

We had 234 people in the audience at the Hollywood-Los Feliz JCC.

Jackie Stallone announces that the Tag Team title is now vacant due to the injury of one of the holders.
Jackie Stallone could use something to freshen her character up.[C]
Beverly The Hammer defeated Bambi in 2:47 by submission after blatantly cheating.
Bambi and Beverly The Hammer don't seem to click, and it made for an awkward bout.[E]
Vampira is walking around backstage. Corporal Kelly comes up behind her and douses her in holy water. Vampira shreiks in pain![C-]
Corporal Kelly defeated Vampira in 4:56 when Vampira was trapped in the casket.[C-]
After the match, Corporal Kelly opens the lid of the casket. "My friend," says Kelly, "I hope I can give you the peace in death that I couldn't give you in life."
She then takes a wooden stake and drives it into the casket and, presumably, through Vampira's chest. The lid is closed and the casket rolled away.
Vampira is developing better performance skills.[C-]
Debbie Dancer had an interview hyping her upcoming singles match with Sally the Farmer's Daughter.[D]
Sally the Farmer's Daughter had an interview hyping her upcoming singles match with Debbie Dancer.[C-]
Debbie Dancer defeated Sally the Farmer's Daughter in 3:05 by pinfall after using a foreign object.
Sally the Farmer's Daughter seemed off her game tonight.[D]
Spike appears on-screen, and reveals that it was she who assaulted Little Fiji, she was the mystery attacker all along.[C-]
This show was nothing special.[D]


Tuesday, Week 2, May 1983

When a worker is late for this meeting, I usually give them a warning. When it's the owner, what am I supposed to do? As if it wasn't enough that she was setting a bad example, Jackie came in with Maxine in tow. Great. I hoped that this wouldn't lead to a split in the ranks.

"Jackie, since you're here, it would be a good idea if you got a new gimmick. The fans aren't buying you as the boss anymore."

I wasn't going to say it, but they never bought it to start with. She was so obviously a figurehead, I wouldn't have believed it if she hadn't signed my paychecks herself.

"What do I need a gimmick for? I'm Rocky's mom!"

I admitted she had a point. Maybe that would work as a gimmick?

"Okay, Jackie, make sure you mention that more often. Say, once per broadcast?"

She agreed and that problem was solved.

My other problems were just beginning.

But for now, I was reviving the tag team division in a three team fight for the vacant title which I called The Good, the Bad, and the Gorgeous.


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