Tuesday, February 07, 2006

G.L.O.W. Diary 20

Monday, Week 4, May 1983

We put 227 asses in seats at the Hollywood-Los-Feliz JCC. Yeah, baby!

Highlights of the recent event between Debbie Dancer and Sally the Farmer's Daughter are played in a video package.[D]
California Doll defeated Vine in 3:20 by pinfall with a Small Package.[C-]
Chainsaw is in the ring when Susie, who calls herself Six-Shooter Susie now, comes out. She says that she accepts the challenge, and will face her in the arm wrestling contest.
Chainsaw is developing better performance skills.[C-]
The Patriots drew with The Anti-Americans in 7:26 following a double disqualification.
Corporal Kelly could use something to freshen her character up. Desiree is improving in Technical skills. Caporal Carrie is improving in Performance skills.[D]
The announcers put over the fact that we'll be seeing Mountain Fiji take on Spike next week.[C-]
Wendi Richter defeated Bambi in 2:45 by pinfall with a Sunset Flip.
Bambi is improving in Performance skills.[E]
That last match killed what otherwise was a good show.[E]


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