Friday, February 03, 2006

G.L.O.W. Diary 4

The rest of the week had gone without incident and I got the Obsessed Fan story written. I looked at my notepad and worked out a few issues before the girls started showing up.

"Spike, I have to break up your team. You'll be in the main event with Emily tonight."

Tina was costing too much money and wasn't as good as I'd hoped she'd be. I still needed the segment for my new story, though.

"I have to cut costs, Tina. Your segment is being replaced by a shorter one with a simular format."

"If I have a say in the matter, I'd like it to be Sally."

I nodded.

"Okay, as we're coming up on our fourth show, and I know this late booking is a pain. I want everyone to come in tomorrow morning and we'll book next week's show."

There were a few groans.

"This will mean you won't have to come in if you're not booked."

The groans changed to cheers. We were ready to start the show.


We filled 431 seats at the Mayan Theater.

Spike had an interview hyping her upcoming singles match with Mountain Fiji.[C-]
David McLane is in the locker room with Matilda the Hun. McLane hands her as he whispers in her ear. She nods and takes it.[C]
Little Fiji defeated Matilda the Hun in 1:53 by pinfall with a Small Package. It looked like Fiji had learned a few things from Matilda.[C]
David McLane:And that is why I always bet on the underdog!
Jackie Stallone:Did you have anything to do with this, McLane?
David McLane:No, of course not. What makes you ask that? I've done nothing wrong![C-]
Sally the Farmer's Daughter is reading letters for her "Ask Sally" show.
"I can't stop thinking about California Doll. I dress like her, I act like her, I talk like her, I even dyed my hair to look like her. What's wrong with me? Signed, Crazy About California Doll. Well, Crazy, you're just going through a phase of hero worship. I went through the same thing as a kid. Then I got to know my hero better and realized that they were pretty normal. After that, I went back to being me."[C-]
Spike defeated Mountain Fiji in 5:04 by submission after blatantly cheating.
Spike really outdid herself in this match.[C-]

Overall, it was a decent show.[C-]


The next morning I got the ratings report from the network. We were up - 513 viewers!

I started our meeting with a session, allowing the girls to air their grievances. A lot were unhappy about being not getting booked, and a few were very unhappy. I promised I'd do what I could.

"Debbie, you're turning heel next week. You'll have a match with Little Feather."

Susie Spirit spoke up. "What about our tag team belts?"

"I'm retiring the belts. Running a tag team division would cost too much. For now, I want to focus on individuals."

I worked out the rest of next week's show and told the others I'd see them Tuesday morning.


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