Friday, February 03, 2006

G.L.O.W. Diary 5

Little Fiji called me on Sunday.

"Hey, Joel, the fans really got behind me after my win over Matilda."

"Yeah, I noticed that."

"Can I get a new gimmick? I'm not really an underdog anymore."

Oops! I put her in the Corruption Scandal because of her gimmick in the first place.

"I see your point, but it will have to wait."

"Okay then. I'll try to stay optimistic."


Monday night, I got to the Mayan Theater and saw that someone had wiped the whiteboard clean. McLane! A minor setback, not to mention childish. All this meant was tomorrow morning would be a longer meeting. I'd keep the board locked up from now on.

We had 452 people in attendance at our fifth show.

Sally the Farmer's Daughter is shown backstage, getting ready.[A]
Sally the Farmer's Daughter is reading letters for her "Ask Sally" show.
"I think I have a stalker. There's this person that dresses like me and follows me around town. What should I do? Signed, California Doll. Well, Doll, they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Honestly, I don't see what the problem is."[C-]
The Cheerleaders are backstage. Debbie Debutante says that she's sick of being under Susie Spirit's shadow and is going solo.
To emphasize her point, she beats Susie Spirit up.
Debbie Debutante has now switched to a Dancing Fool gimmick. Debbie Debutante is developing better performance skills. Susie Spirit is improving at acting.
The turn went pretty well.[C]
Debbie Debutante defeated Little Feather in 2:42 by pinfall after using a foreign object.[D]
Americana comes down to the ring and cuts a promo on Vampira. A casket gets wheeled down and placed at ringisde. Americana approaches to take a look, but suddenly the lid pops open and Vampira sits up inside. Americana looks scared to death, and runs for her life, escaping through the crowd.[E]
David McLane: I am so psyched for this match coming up, Rocky's Mom!
Jackie Stallone: Do you have money riding on this one too?
David McLane: You bet I do! Ha ha!
Jackie Stallone: I'm warning you, McLane. Don't push your luck.
David McLane: Luck's got nothing to do with it.
Jackie Stallone: What's that supposed to mean?
David McLane: Oh, uh, nothing.[C-]
Bambi defeated Spike in 3:01 by pinfall with a Georgia Bulldog.[D]
David McLane: I bet nobody saw that one coming!
Jackie Stallone: Except you?
David McLane: Except me.[C]
Overall, it was a decent show.[D]


We had 504 viewers on TV last night, but it wasn't enough for the network. They've pulled our plug!

"This is good news, really. It was the network that wanted the T&A. Now we can show that we are serious about wrestling entertainment."


I was about to start the meeting, but Tammy Jones wasn't around. Great. She finally showed up an hour after everyone else. I took her aside to talk to her.

"Everyone has to come to these meetings on time, Tammy. This includes the G.L.O.W. champion. The next time it happens, I'll have to fine you."

"Fine me? I'm the champ and you never even book me!"

"That's why these meetings are important, Tammy. How can I book you if you don't show up? I was going to have you defending the title next week, but now I'm not so sure."

I left her and went to get my board. When I came back, I explained that a janitor had cleaned it by mistake so we had to start over again. As we recreated it, I notice that some details I remembered didn't match.

"That janitor did us a favor. The old board was wrong."

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw McLane smacking his forehead. Thanks for confirming my suspicion, dumbass.

It took awhile, but not as long as the first time around. Afterwards, I put together next week's show. As promised, I got in some of the more expensive workers, including Tammy. But first, I'd have to turn her heel. It fit her character better, too.


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