Friday, February 03, 2006

G.L.O.W. Diary 6

I got rid of the set dressing. It wasn't needed anymore, since there was no TV audience and the crowd at the theater didn't know what was going on with it. I was getting used to booking the show and wanted to add a new storyline. The Corruption Scandal was ending in two more shows anyway.

Our sixth show, and our first without the network's cameras, had 475 people in attendance. That was a lot less than I anticipated for the advertising we did.

Sally the Farmer's Daughter is reading letters for her "Ask Sally" show.
"I am still being stalked! They've started standing outside my window. It's really creepy and starting to scare me. Signed, California Doll. I'm sorry, Doll, you didn't ask a question. This is 'Ask Sally', not 'Tell Sally'."[C-]
Beastie is shown backstage struggling to open a locker that is jammed. She steps back just as Mountain Fiji comes in. Fiji opens it with one tug, and walks off. Beastie looks angry at being shown up.[D]
Mountain Fiji defeated Beastie in 2:49 by disqualification.[C-]
Jackie Stallone is giving a press conference.
"I have recently been made aware of the rumors circulating that someone within our organization is fixing matches. I want to dispel these rumors right now.
I am, as of this moment, instituting a zero tolerance policy. Any wrestlers that are caught agreeing to throw a match will be immediately suspended.
Thank you."[C]
Tammy Jones attacks Ashley Cartier backstage, and leaves her down and out.
The turn was a complete success.[C-]
Tammy Jones defeated Ashley Cartier in 2:40 by submission with a Sleeper.
Ashley Cartier and Tammy Jones have great chemistry, and it showed in their performances.
Ashley Cartier is improving in Rumble skills.[C]
The fans seemed to want more matches, but it was still a good show.[C-]


At the meeting in the morning, I discussed how the change in our format affected the booking. We'd have more matches and their good looks would no longer be enough for the fans. Some of them looked really nervous about the prospect of doing straight interviews.

"Joel, what if I spoke for the girls?" asked Jackie.

That would work, but would seem odd to have her speaking for all of them. Maybe I'd get some more work out of weasel boy.

"Okay, you'll speak for the faces, and McLane will speak for the heels."

"Won't that interfere with the Corruption Scandal storyline?"

I didn't have to say anything, Dee spoke up. She was already edgy about how often she was getting booked.

"I can speak for myself, toad!"

That brought laughter from the gang, lightening the mood.

I got the show for next week booked and even added a new storyline for Vampira.


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