Saturday, February 04, 2006

G.L.O.W. Diary 7

Palestina's contract was ending, and despite my efforts, I couldn't get her to stay. She would be missed, as only her high pay demands kept me from using her.

On the third Monday of February, our show was held in front of 420 people at the Mayan Theater.

Sally the Farmer's Daughter is reading letters for her "Ask Sally" show.
"My stalker... Listen, California Doll, maybe if you ignore them they'll go away."[C-]
While Vampira's opponent waits in the ring, a coffin is rolled up to it. The lid opens and Vampira sits up. She climbs into the ring and the lights dim, with a single spotlight focusing on her face as she flashes her fangs.[D]
Vampira defeated Olympia in 3:08 by submission with a Vampira's Caress.[E]
David McLane and Matilda the Hun are in the locker room, discussing the match coming up. McLane wants her to take a dive! Jackie Stallone walks in just in time to see money changing hands, and suspends Matilda on the spot.[C]
Little Fiji defeated Beastie in 2:43 by pinfall with a Flying Cross Body.
Beastie and Little Fiji just don't click at all, and it showed in their performances.[D]
David McLane: Whew! I was worried about that match.
Jackie Stallone: You didn't think Little Fiji was going to win?
David McLane: Not in a million years. I thought I was going to lose my house.[C]
Ashley Cartier is walking backstage, turns a corner, and bumps into Spike. Spike says something that Cartier doesn't like, and they start arguing. After some heated words, Spike challenges Cartier to meet her in the ring for a match.
Spike is developing better performance skills.[C-]
Ashley Cartier defeated Spike in 3:13 by pinfall with a Drop Kick.
Ashley Cartier is improving in Flying skills. Ashley Cartier is improving in Performance skills.[D]
It was a good show, though not as good as some.[D]


The next morning, Tammy showed up early. That wasn't a good sign.

"Joel, some of the girls are getting on my nerves."

"I don't understand. Don't you have a lot of friends here?"

"It's not that. I'm not getting booked but a bunch of less talented and less popular girls are!"

"That's because you cost 8 times as much they do. I can't center the whole show around one person!"

"Why not?"

Oh great. Things were going downhill. But the others started showing up and I was able to change the subject.

"Okay, who wants a haircut?"

That seemed to confuse them.

"Oh, come on, nobody wants to try short hair?"

Sally raised her hand.

"You want a new look, Sally?"

"Depends on how short it is." she said, drawing a few laughs.

"I was thinking bald, actually."

"I'll do it."

Everyone gasped.

"Nobody takes me seriously because of my looks. They say 'Oh, she's so beautiful and charming, that's why she gets booked.'"

As a matter of fact, that was why she got booked. But maybe she'd surprise us all and be a breakout talent. I wanted to match her up against someone that had some skills to give her a fighting chance.

"Okay, you and Debbie get the Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow storyline."

That got a few chuckles. I booked the next show and concluded the meeting. I had a story to write.


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