Saturday, February 04, 2006

G.L.O.W. Diary 8

Monday, Week 4, February 1983

We had 424 people in the seats of the Mayan Theater.

While Vampira's opponent waits in the ring, a coffin is rolled up to it. The lid opens and Vampira sits up. She climbs into the ring and the lights dim, with a single spotlight focusing on her face as she flashes her fangs.[C-]
Vampira defeated Ebony in 2:54 by submission with Vampira's Caress.
Ebony was really off her game tonight. Jackie Stallone did some good work at ringside, but her and Ebony are an awkward pairing, they just have no chemistry whatsoever.[E]
David McLane helped Debbie during this segment. Debbie Dancer cuts a promo hyping up her upcoming match with Scarlett.[C]
David McLane and Jackie Stallone welcome Sally the Farmer's Daughter to the announcer table, where Sally will be a special guest announcer for the next match. Sally the Farmer's Daughter is developing better performance skills.[C-]
Debbie Dancer defeated Scarlett in 2:32 by submission after blatantly cheating. The girls looked lost in the ring, but at least Scarlett is improving in Performance skills.[D]
Having picked up the victory, Debbie Dancer celebrates in the ring.[C-}
After the match David McLane and Sally the Farmer's Daughter begin their post match discussion. Out of nowhere, Sally the Farmer's Daughter begins insulting the work of Debbie Dancer - calling her an insult to professional wrestlers everywhere. Sally the Farmer's Daughter is developing better performance skills.[C-]
As California Doll makes her way to the ring, California Vine comes out of the crowd and follows behind, copying Doll's every move. California Vine is developing better performance skills.[C+]
California Doll defeated Corporal Kelly in 3:24 by pinfall with a Small Package. During the match we also had California Vine run in and attack Kelly.[C-]
After the match, California Doll tells California Vine that she doesn't need or want her help. Vine looks hurt. California Vine is developing better performance skills.{C+]
David McLane and Jackie Stallone are in her's office. Jackie is yelling at him.
"You nearly ruined our company's reputation!"
"I have a problem! I need help!" He gets on his knees and begs.
"And you'll get it. But first we are going to settle this like we do everything else."
McLane looks worried. "You mean?"
"Yes, you're going to have a match with--"
McLane cringes.
McLane relaxes. "Oh. Little Fiji. I was worried for a second there." He exits the office, leaving Jackie shaking her head.
"Mountain Fiji, you twit."[C]
The show was a success.[C-]


Tuesday, Week 4, February 1983

Tina and Matilda approached me together before the meeting. What could this mean?

"You need to show us we're not being ignored, Joel." said Tina.

"Alright, I'll give you the main event next week."

"Not enough." said Matilda. "We want more segments."

I nodded. "I'll do what I can."

At the meeting, Tammy told me that her contract was ending. I asked her if she wanted to extend it, and she said she'd think about it. I'd be sorry to see her go, but there was little I could do to keep her around. Even if she stayed, she wouldn't be real happy.

I made a decision I hoped I wouldn't regret. I'd have to take the belt off Tammy before she left. It seemed like a good idea to give it to someone I could afford to book. And there was only one logical choice - Mountain Fiji. But it would have to wait until the last week of Tammy's contract.


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