Saturday, February 04, 2006

G.L.O.W. Diary 9

Monday, Week 1, March 1983

There were 446 people in attendance at the Mayan Theater.

While Vampira's opponent waits in the ring, a coffin is rolled up to it. The lid opens and Vampira sits up. She climbs into the ring and the lights dim, with a single spotlight focusing on her face as she flashes her fangs.[D]

Vampira defeated Americana in 3:06 by submission with a Vampira's Caress.
Jackie Stallone did some good work at ringside.[D]
Tina Ferrari is walking backstage, turns a corner, and bumps into Matilda the Hun. Matilda says something that Tina Ferrari doesn't like, and they start arguing. After some heated words, Matilda challenges Tina Ferrari to meet her in the ring for a match.
Tina Ferrari is developing better performance skills.[C]
Mountain Fiji defeated David McLane in 0:50 by pinfall with a Splash.
The fans came to see female competitors, and so were not happy to see David McLane. Jackie Stallone did some good work at ringside. Mountain Fiji and Jackie Stallone are an awkward pairing, they just have no chemistry whatsoever.[D]
Before the match starts, Matilda the Hun grabs the house microphone and demands of the referee to make a five count on Matilda's pinfall attempt.
"Five... not three. You got me, Ref? Five!"[B+]
Matilda the Hun defeated Tina Ferrari in 5:27 by pinfall with a Big Belly Bop.[C-]
The bell rings, yet Matilda the Hun continues to lay across her trounced victim. Matilda insists that the referee counts to five, after the pinfall, and refuses to get up until her demand is met.
The helpless referee obliges.[B+]
I wasn't happy with the show. I swore to never again give in to demands if they hurt the show. A lesson learned.[D]


Tuesday, Week 1, March 1983

At the meeting, Matlida announced that her contract was ending. I wished her the best of luck and regretted I wouldn't be able to pay her what she was worth.

I told Jackie that she wasn't the best manager for either Ebony or Emily. I'd just have to keep them from talking. With Ebony, that was no problem - she was just what the others called a jobber. But Emily was going to be the next champion.

Penny must have heard me thinking out loud, a habit I have when I'm stuck on a problem.

"I could manage Mountain Fiji, Joel. You're already paying me anyway. I can do both."

"Great! That solves that problem."

Vampira asked if she could just skip her entrance, since the crowd seemed to be getting tired of it. I said okay.

After announcing who would be booked for the next show, I ended the meeting. McLane, however, stuck around. What the Hell did he want?

"Is the wrestling business as easy as you thought it would be, Mr. Wideman?"

"Actually, it is, when I don't have some jackoff sabotaging my shows."

"Nobody has to sabotage your shows, Mr. Wideman. You have no idea what you're doing and that is proving to be enough."

With that, he left. He could say what he wanted, I wasn't hired because of my familiarity with wrestling. And my storylines were better than the exploitation he had planned.


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