Friday, February 03, 2006

G.L.O.W. Diary 6

I got rid of the set dressing. It wasn't needed anymore, since there was no TV audience and the crowd at the theater didn't know what was going on with it. I was getting used to booking the show and wanted to add a new storyline. The Corruption Scandal was ending in two more shows anyway.

Our sixth show, and our first without the network's cameras, had 475 people in attendance. That was a lot less than I anticipated for the advertising we did.

Sally the Farmer's Daughter is reading letters for her "Ask Sally" show.
"I am still being stalked! They've started standing outside my window. It's really creepy and starting to scare me. Signed, California Doll. I'm sorry, Doll, you didn't ask a question. This is 'Ask Sally', not 'Tell Sally'."[C-]
Beastie is shown backstage struggling to open a locker that is jammed. She steps back just as Mountain Fiji comes in. Fiji opens it with one tug, and walks off. Beastie looks angry at being shown up.[D]
Mountain Fiji defeated Beastie in 2:49 by disqualification.[C-]
Jackie Stallone is giving a press conference.
"I have recently been made aware of the rumors circulating that someone within our organization is fixing matches. I want to dispel these rumors right now.
I am, as of this moment, instituting a zero tolerance policy. Any wrestlers that are caught agreeing to throw a match will be immediately suspended.
Thank you."[C]
Tammy Jones attacks Ashley Cartier backstage, and leaves her down and out.
The turn was a complete success.[C-]
Tammy Jones defeated Ashley Cartier in 2:40 by submission with a Sleeper.
Ashley Cartier and Tammy Jones have great chemistry, and it showed in their performances.
Ashley Cartier is improving in Rumble skills.[C]
The fans seemed to want more matches, but it was still a good show.[C-]


At the meeting in the morning, I discussed how the change in our format affected the booking. We'd have more matches and their good looks would no longer be enough for the fans. Some of them looked really nervous about the prospect of doing straight interviews.

"Joel, what if I spoke for the girls?" asked Jackie.

That would work, but would seem odd to have her speaking for all of them. Maybe I'd get some more work out of weasel boy.

"Okay, you'll speak for the faces, and McLane will speak for the heels."

"Won't that interfere with the Corruption Scandal storyline?"

I didn't have to say anything, Dee spoke up. She was already edgy about how often she was getting booked.

"I can speak for myself, toad!"

That brought laughter from the gang, lightening the mood.

I got the show for next week booked and even added a new storyline for Vampira.

G.L.O.W. Diary 5

Little Fiji called me on Sunday.

"Hey, Joel, the fans really got behind me after my win over Matilda."

"Yeah, I noticed that."

"Can I get a new gimmick? I'm not really an underdog anymore."

Oops! I put her in the Corruption Scandal because of her gimmick in the first place.

"I see your point, but it will have to wait."

"Okay then. I'll try to stay optimistic."


Monday night, I got to the Mayan Theater and saw that someone had wiped the whiteboard clean. McLane! A minor setback, not to mention childish. All this meant was tomorrow morning would be a longer meeting. I'd keep the board locked up from now on.

We had 452 people in attendance at our fifth show.

Sally the Farmer's Daughter is shown backstage, getting ready.[A]
Sally the Farmer's Daughter is reading letters for her "Ask Sally" show.
"I think I have a stalker. There's this person that dresses like me and follows me around town. What should I do? Signed, California Doll. Well, Doll, they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Honestly, I don't see what the problem is."[C-]
The Cheerleaders are backstage. Debbie Debutante says that she's sick of being under Susie Spirit's shadow and is going solo.
To emphasize her point, she beats Susie Spirit up.
Debbie Debutante has now switched to a Dancing Fool gimmick. Debbie Debutante is developing better performance skills. Susie Spirit is improving at acting.
The turn went pretty well.[C]
Debbie Debutante defeated Little Feather in 2:42 by pinfall after using a foreign object.[D]
Americana comes down to the ring and cuts a promo on Vampira. A casket gets wheeled down and placed at ringisde. Americana approaches to take a look, but suddenly the lid pops open and Vampira sits up inside. Americana looks scared to death, and runs for her life, escaping through the crowd.[E]
David McLane: I am so psyched for this match coming up, Rocky's Mom!
Jackie Stallone: Do you have money riding on this one too?
David McLane: You bet I do! Ha ha!
Jackie Stallone: I'm warning you, McLane. Don't push your luck.
David McLane: Luck's got nothing to do with it.
Jackie Stallone: What's that supposed to mean?
David McLane: Oh, uh, nothing.[C-]
Bambi defeated Spike in 3:01 by pinfall with a Georgia Bulldog.[D]
David McLane: I bet nobody saw that one coming!
Jackie Stallone: Except you?
David McLane: Except me.[C]
Overall, it was a decent show.[D]


We had 504 viewers on TV last night, but it wasn't enough for the network. They've pulled our plug!

"This is good news, really. It was the network that wanted the T&A. Now we can show that we are serious about wrestling entertainment."


I was about to start the meeting, but Tammy Jones wasn't around. Great. She finally showed up an hour after everyone else. I took her aside to talk to her.

"Everyone has to come to these meetings on time, Tammy. This includes the G.L.O.W. champion. The next time it happens, I'll have to fine you."

"Fine me? I'm the champ and you never even book me!"

"That's why these meetings are important, Tammy. How can I book you if you don't show up? I was going to have you defending the title next week, but now I'm not so sure."

I left her and went to get my board. When I came back, I explained that a janitor had cleaned it by mistake so we had to start over again. As we recreated it, I notice that some details I remembered didn't match.

"That janitor did us a favor. The old board was wrong."

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw McLane smacking his forehead. Thanks for confirming my suspicion, dumbass.

It took awhile, but not as long as the first time around. Afterwards, I put together next week's show. As promised, I got in some of the more expensive workers, including Tammy. But first, I'd have to turn her heel. It fit her character better, too.

G.L.O.W. Diary 4

The rest of the week had gone without incident and I got the Obsessed Fan story written. I looked at my notepad and worked out a few issues before the girls started showing up.

"Spike, I have to break up your team. You'll be in the main event with Emily tonight."

Tina was costing too much money and wasn't as good as I'd hoped she'd be. I still needed the segment for my new story, though.

"I have to cut costs, Tina. Your segment is being replaced by a shorter one with a simular format."

"If I have a say in the matter, I'd like it to be Sally."

I nodded.

"Okay, as we're coming up on our fourth show, and I know this late booking is a pain. I want everyone to come in tomorrow morning and we'll book next week's show."

There were a few groans.

"This will mean you won't have to come in if you're not booked."

The groans changed to cheers. We were ready to start the show.


We filled 431 seats at the Mayan Theater.

Spike had an interview hyping her upcoming singles match with Mountain Fiji.[C-]
David McLane is in the locker room with Matilda the Hun. McLane hands her as he whispers in her ear. She nods and takes it.[C]
Little Fiji defeated Matilda the Hun in 1:53 by pinfall with a Small Package. It looked like Fiji had learned a few things from Matilda.[C]
David McLane:And that is why I always bet on the underdog!
Jackie Stallone:Did you have anything to do with this, McLane?
David McLane:No, of course not. What makes you ask that? I've done nothing wrong![C-]
Sally the Farmer's Daughter is reading letters for her "Ask Sally" show.
"I can't stop thinking about California Doll. I dress like her, I act like her, I talk like her, I even dyed my hair to look like her. What's wrong with me? Signed, Crazy About California Doll. Well, Crazy, you're just going through a phase of hero worship. I went through the same thing as a kid. Then I got to know my hero better and realized that they were pretty normal. After that, I went back to being me."[C-]
Spike defeated Mountain Fiji in 5:04 by submission after blatantly cheating.
Spike really outdid herself in this match.[C-]

Overall, it was a decent show.[C-]


The next morning I got the ratings report from the network. We were up - 513 viewers!

I started our meeting with a session, allowing the girls to air their grievances. A lot were unhappy about being not getting booked, and a few were very unhappy. I promised I'd do what I could.

"Debbie, you're turning heel next week. You'll have a match with Little Feather."

Susie Spirit spoke up. "What about our tag team belts?"

"I'm retiring the belts. Running a tag team division would cost too much. For now, I want to focus on individuals."

I worked out the rest of next week's show and told the others I'd see them Tuesday morning.