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G.L.O.W. Diary 14

Thursday, Week 1, April 1983

Beastie wanted a raise. She was expensive enough already, but I had no choice.

Monday, Week 2, April 1983

We had 218 people in attendance at Hollywood-Los Feliz JCC.

Vampira defeated Sally the Farmer's Daughter in 3:21 by submission with a Vampira's Caress.[D]
Amidst a chaotic in-ring scene, Debbie Dancer and Sally the Farmer's Daughter finally come face to face on opposite sides of the ring. They both pause, psyche themselves up, and charge. The ring gets flooded by numerous other wrestlers, and the two are pulled away before they can make contact by Mountain Fiji, Little Fiji, California Doll, Beastie, Spike and Corporal Kelly.[E]
The Fijis cut a promo hyping themselves. Penny Banner helped Fiji during this segment.[C]
Beastie comes out and delivers a seething promo directed at the Fijis. After rehashing recent events between them, Beastie promises the world that she will get revenge against them.[C-]
The Fijis defeated Corporal Kelly and Spike in 7:57 when Mountain Fiji defeated Corporal Kelly by pinfall with a Powerslam. The Fijis win the G.L.O.W. Tag Team titles.
All the girls were tired by the end, especially Spike.[C-]
Having just picked up the victory, the Fijis go out into the crowd to celebrate with their people.[C-]
The show was okay.[D]


Tuesday, Week 2, April 1983

It was brought up at the meeting that things were getting rough backstage. But there was nothing I could do - it was just too costly to have 4 guys making $1600 each per show. And it was too late now anyway.

I wanted to continue the heat between Doll and Vine, so I put them in a "best of seven" series of matches. Not very creative, but it was too soon to change Vine's gimmick again.

The two remaining tag teams - Tina and Ashley, and Scarlett and Tara - asked if I was going to have them battling for the tag belts soon. I told them that wasn't possible at the time, but I'd have something for them to be involved in starting next week.

G.L.O.W. Diary 13

Wednesday, Week 4, March 1983

Debbie called me to say her contract was ending, so I made her an offer to stay. She said she'd think about it.

Saturday, Week 4, March 1983

I had good news and bad news. First, Jackie called to say that the PPV talks fell through. I was off the hook.

The bad news was that Debbie wanted a raise. I admitted that she was an asset to the company, but I'd have to think it over.

Sunday, Week 4, March 1983

I decided that Debbie was worth another $25 after all. At least I got her for another 9 months at that price.

Monday, Week 1, April 1983

While setting up at the new venue, I ran into Beastie.

"You don't have to be here, you're not booked."

"I wanted to talk to you about my contract."

I was stuck. Not only was she talented, but I had her in a story with Emily. Then it hit me.

"So that's why you proposed that storyline."

"I had to do something. I know money's tight, but maybe you'd have more left over if it wasn't for all those guys backstage. They get paid every show and I'm sure they make more than any of us."

I had thought they got paid monthly. Great. The backstage would be havoc. I had to think this through.

"I'll get back to you in a few days. I have a show to run right now."

"Okay, Joel. Call me."


We had a pitiful 193 people for the show.

Vampira defeated Spike in 2:49 by submission with Vampira's Caress.
Spike could use something to freshen her character up. Vampira and Spike have great chemistry, and it showed in their performances.[C-]
California Doll has had enough. she challenges California Vine to a match. If Doll wins, Vine has to stop imitating Doll.
California Vine is developing better performance skills.[C+]
California Doll defeated California Vine in 2:44 by pinfall with a Small Package.[C-]
California Vine throws her California Doll memorabilia in the trash. She is done being Doll's biggest fan.[C]
The argument between Debbie Dancer and Sally the Farmer's Daughter descends into a wild and rather silly slap fight between the two. A flustered Don Coss eventually gets between the two wildly swinging combatants and breaks the tiff up.
Debbie and Sally are both developing better performance skills.[C-]
Mountain Fiji comes out to the podium and makes mention of how glad she is that her good friend Little Fiji is on the outside looking in; always watching her back.
"With friends like Little Fiji," Fiji whoops to the world, "Nothing can stand in my way."[C-]
Mountain Fiji defeated Corporal Kelly in 2:58 by pinfall with a Powerslam. Mountain Fiji makes defence number 1 of her G.L.O.W. title.[C-]
The show was a success.[C-]


Tuesday, Week 1, April 1983

The girls gave Matilda a warm goodbye, then I got down to business.

"I have to make some drastic cost saving changes. We can no longer afford backstage workers. As much help as you've all been, we are losing money hand over fist. I'm sorry."

"Dude, you're firing us?"

"No... not firing, per se... Look at it like... like we're too big, and we need to get down to a more managable size."


"Yeah, that sounds about right. Downsizing."

Yes, Monty had coined the term downsizing 10 years before it was being used in big corporations. But I digress.

"Does this mean the girls will get more work?" asked Kitty.

"Yes, it does."

"And what about me? I heard the May big show was cancelled."

That's what I had forgotten! She was well liked so I'd have to make a concilliation.

"I can get you on one show a month, starting next month."

"Okay, Joel."

I finished booking the match for next week and ended the meeting. I had to come up with a new storyline now.

G.L.O.W. Diary 12

Monday, Week 4, March 1983

At the last minute, Matilda reminded me of her contract stipulation that gave her a title match. Grudgingly, I put her and Emily in the pre-show. If nothing else, it would get the crowd on their feet.

We had 383 people in attendance at the Mayan Theater.

Mountain Fiji defeated Matilda the Hun in 3:13 by pinfall with a Splash. Mountain Fiji retains the G.L.O.W. title.[C-]
Vampira defeated Scarlett in 2:46 by submission with a Vampira's Caress.
Scarlett is improving in Rumble skills.[D]
Corporal Kelly defeated Bambi in 2:50 by pinfall while using the ropes for leverage.[D]
Jackie Stallone welcomes Sally the Farmer's Daughter to the announcer table, where Sally will be a special guest announcer for the next match.
Sally the Farmer's Daughter is developing better performance skills.[C]
Debbie Dancer defeated Ebony in 2:35 by pinfall when Don Coss interfered.
Debbie was off her game and the girls looked lost.[E]
Debbie Dancer and Don Coss celebrate their accomplishment in the ring.[C-]
After the match, Jackie Stallone and Sally the Farmer's Daughter begin their post match discussion. Out of nowhere, Sally the Farmer's Daughter begins insulting the work of Debbie Dancer - calling her an insult to professional wrestlers everywhere.
Sally the Farmer's Daughter is developing better performance skills.[C-]
Jackie Stallone calls out Mountain Fiji for an interview. In it, the two discuss recent events, which leads to Fiji cracking a joke at the expense of Beastie. The two share a laugh amongst themselves.[C]
Debbie's match really hurt the show.[D]


Tuesday, Week 4, March 1983

Jackie wanted to talk to me before the meeting.

"The Mayan Theater is too expensive, Joel. We don't even fill half of it and it costs us $1000 each week. We need to cut spending."

"Okay, fine. There's only one place suitable for us then - the Hollywood-Los Feliz JCC."

"Also, don't forget our hour long shows starting in May."

Crud. She just told me to cut costs, then told me I'd have to use twice as many people. Maybe there was a way out.

"Jackie, we don't have a PPV carrier anymore. I'm not sure it will be affordable to have a large event without it."

"You're right. I'll see what I can do about that."

There was something else nagging me, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

G.L.O.W. Diary 11

Monday, Week 3, March 1983

I was very pleased with the attendance at the Mayan Theater - 475
asses in seats.

California Vine gives a promo as if she were California Doll.
California Vine is developing better performance skills.[C+]
Beastie defeated California Doll in 3:20 by DQ when California Vine
attacked Beastie.
California Doll and Beastie don't seem to click, and it made for an
awkward bout.[C-]
Penny Banner challenges Tammy Jones to a Cage Match against her
client, Mountain Fiji.[C-]
Mountain Fiji defeated Tammy Jones in 4:58 by pinfall with a Splash.[C-]
Don Coss tells the crowd that Jackie has an important announcement...
"That's right, Coss", Jackie Stallone addresses with pride, "I am
proud to announce that we have a new Champion: Mountain Fiji. Fiji
overcame the impossible by winning that title, and we would like to
congratulate her accomplishment."[C-]
The show was another success.[C-]


Tuesday, Week 3, March 1983

I started the meeting without Kelly. I was annoyed and would have to fine her like I promised, but I wasn't going to keep the others waiting.

Palestina's absence left a whole in the roster and I had to reorganize. I was about to end the meeting when Beastie spoke up.

"Hey, aren't you missing a storyline?"

Indeed I had. With Tammy leaving, there was nothing written for Emily. I had forgotten all about that. Beastie had something prepared and it included some others as well, so I approved. It would be expensive, but sounded like it would pay off in the end.

Finally, Kelly strolled in at the end of the meeting and I took her aside.

"Ah, Kelly, I have good news and bad news."

"I'm getting fined, ain't I."

"Yep. The good news is that I'm booking you in the next show."

"With Attache - er, I mean, Vampira?"

"No, I'm saving that for later."

"She's going on a winning streak?"

"Yes, and you're ending it."

"Oh, cool!"

"Instead, it will be you and Bambi."

"Okay then. See you Monday."

I called Bambi later and told her the show had been changed to include her.

"Thanks! I didn't want to say anything, but I was starting to get annoyed."

G.L.O.W. Diary 10

Monday, Week 2, March 1983

Before the show, I introduced the girls to Don Coss, our new announcer/heel manager. He was a really nice guy and I thought we'd get along fine. As for McLane, I had security tell him that if he wanted to get in, he'd have to buy a ticket. I heard him shouting outside that he still owned almost half the company before he gave up and left.

We had only 383 people at the Mayan Theater. I wondered if McLane hadn't sabotaged the advertising.

Jackie Stallone is at the podium and makes the announcement that Don Coss will be serving as a new announcer for the promotion. At that, a beaming Coss comes out and thanks Jackie for the introduction.[C-]
Main show
Vampira defeated Little Feather in 2:55 by submission with a Vampira's Caress.
Don lifted the match with his announcing. Much better than McLane and far cheaper, not to mention he's not a pain in the ass. Vampira is improving in Performance skills.[D]
Debbie Dancer comes out to the podium for an interview. She offers a bit of warning to Sally the Farmer's Daughter.
"If you ever butt into my affairs again, bitch, I'll make sure to slap the taste right out of your stinking mouth! This is your last warning, Sally the Farmer's Daughter - stop messing with my business, or you'll pay the price."[D]
Don Coss and Jackie Stallone welcome Sally the Farmer's Daughter to the announcer table, where Sally will be a special guest announcer for the next match. Sally the Farmer's Daughter is developing better performance skills.[C-]
Debbie Dancer defeated Scarlett in 2:45 by pinfall after using a foreign object.[D]
After the match, the cameras take us back to the ringside announcers desk. There, Jackie Stallone and Sally the Farmer's Daughter begin their post match discussion. Out of nowhere, Sally the Farmer's Daughter begins insulting the work of Debbie Dancer - calling her an insult to professional wrestlers everywhere.
Sally the Farmer's Daughter is developing better performance skills.[C]
California Doll is signing autographs backstage. She becomes upset when she sees California Vine doing the same thing and the fans can't tell them apart.
California Vine is developing better performance skills.[C+]
Mountain Fiji defeated Tammy Jones in 2:34 by disqualification.
Penny is a good manager for Fiji.[C-]
The show was a success.[C-]


Tuesday, Week 2, March 1983

The meeting the next morning was a mixed bag. Ashley, Tina, and Beastie all wanted to be in next week's show, but I could only get one of them in. And that was going to be the one with ring skills.

"There just isn't enough money."

"But didn't you save money by getting rid of McLane?" asked Ashley.

"Yes, but not much, and next week I have to pay to have a steel cage built."

"Steel cage?" asked Dee.

"For Tammy and Emily's match. I want Tammy to go out on a high note, I'd like to have her back some day."

Dee shook her head. "You can't put these girls in a steel cage. They could get hurt."

The steel cages that were used around that time were constructed of tubular steel bars that had no give. She was right.

"I have an idea." said Don. "We can build the cage so it has more give. It won't look as good, but it's safer. Probably will be cheaper too."

As the meeting ended, I told Palestina that she would be missed. I asked her if she'd consider returning once we were better off financially.

"In this business, you never say never."