Monday, April 03, 2006

Kent Hughes

I keep getting these calls to call Kent Hughes at 888 249 1037. Thing is, I know who Kent Hughes is - the word for this sort of individual is "scammer". He claims to be a collection agency for old debts. Debts which never existed. Then if you're dumb enough to pay, he uses your signature and SSN to steal your identity.

Verizon Class Action Settlement

Verizon Class Action Settlement: "A proposed settlement has been reached in two class action proceedings alleging
that, beginning in October 2004, Verizon blocked legitimate incoming emails to
certain subscribers."

Of course, this is only for people who had legit email from Europe or Asia blocked to get cash. The rest of us get Verizon's Internet Security Suite. Yeah, like I want a security suite provided by someone who shuts off two continents from email.