Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Suck it, blogspot

Suck it, blogspot: "Between your 'rating' system, being slow (or even non-moving) to shut down spammers, and being useless for using as a gallery, I'm fed up and moving to greener pastures. Namely, Yuku.
I'll be copying over what is practical. Some stuff will no doubt get lost in the shuffle."


Since I'm a board moderator there, I thought I'd mention that The Darkzone has moved to Yuku. I'm seriously considering making the switch myself.

The Worm, the MUD, and the Art

As you may have noticed, I now have a lower word count goal, along with a higher current word count. I'm aiming for novella length. I've been pitched to Renaissance E Books (the domain name is in transit), thanks to my good friend Janrae Frank.
I suddenly have a lot going now. I've been playing around with 3D rendering software for years, and have been drawing for even longer. Well, maybe I'm jumping ahead a bit.
Janrae and I were talking, and she expressed a desire to run a MUD. One thing led to another, and I ended up being the Implementor for Dark Brothers of the Light. That lovely lady is Anksha, one of the dramatis persona from Janrae's long running series. The artist? That would be me. And that image got me making ebook covers for the above mentioned Renaissance E Books. I've sold one so far, and now I'm trying to find a place for a proper online portfolio.